We have wide range of products on Routers and switching appliances to support all your need from basic Local Area Networks (LAN) to Wide Area Network (WAN), to more complex network solutions.

(Routers & Switches)

1. Routers
2. ISR Routers
3. Voice Gate way
4. Manage Switch
5. Unmanaged Switch
6. Layer 2 Switch
7. ISR Routers
8. Layer 3 Switches
9. Core Switches (Chassis and their card Modules)
10. SFP Gigabit Transceivers
11. SFP 10Gigabit Transceivers

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For corporate companies, every piece of technology that connects the employees to do their job seamlessly is important. One such device is the network switch. Switches are the connecting units of your internet networking system. They make data sharing and other connections possible. Network modules and switches turn your internal communication system into a safe and secure communication system. For high-quality and advanced switches and modules, you must go for Cisco switches. In Dubai, there is a lot of growing awareness regarding advanced, seamless, and secure technologies for internal network systems. Cisco switches and cisco network module dealers can bring a big difference to your company’s technical environment.

Some of the latest products among the Cisco switches are Cisco Catalyst 1000, Cisco Catalyst 3560-CX Series, Cisco Catalyst 2960-CX Series, Cisco Catalyst Digital Building Series, and Meraki MS120-8 Compact. These products allow you to expand your communication network, identify and block threats, and also power many networked devices such as IP devices.

Cisco caters to every industry in the market, and you can choose from Blade switches, Datacenter switches, LAN switches, Campus LAN switches, WAN Switches, and Industrial ethernet switches to name a few.

As an authorized and skilled Cisco distributor in Dubai and UAE, we supply, install, and advise on switches, routers, gateways, and transceivers from Cisco. Cisco is a pioneer in corporate communication technology and has introduced many products for all types of industries like schools, offices, hospitals, and hotels. Irrespective of your size and area of function, we can find a Cisco product that works best for you.

The advantage of choosing a reputed Cisco supplier in Dubai such as Switch Link is that you get guaranteed original products, with an experienced installation team, and timely service to satisfy all your IT communication and safety requirements. Switch Link has worked with many companies for the installation and supply of Cisco products and is a well-known name in the market. Our company can provide you quality service at an affordable price with a service commitment.

Choosing Switch Link as a vendor for Cisco products means you can leave the technical part of the work to us while you concentrate on running your business. Our team is here to make your business function smooth and productive.