Importance of Access Points for Your Office

Imagine this, you have an important meeting for the day, and you have stayed up all night to put your best foot forward. You have informed your team to be ready, and everyone around is raring to go. You set up the conference call and enter the room on time but, you end up spending the first 10mins trying to get a stable connection from a router metres apart from your laptop. Or, it is the time for an important tender to go-through, but the network connection just won’t hold. Instances like these are common occurrences and tell us that the internet connection or internet network is a vital part of our business operations. Your business depends on it.

As markets expand and meetings go virtual, a stable internet connection is a must-have. Usually, small businesses have one main router at a fixed location and have to run wired connections to each system. This arrangement is complicated, maintenance-intensive, and prone to faults. Setting up access points across the office to transmit data and create a wireless network can solve most of these issues.

Strong, stable, and fast wireless networks can change the face of internal and external communication in your office. Getting rid of frustrating buffering issues can help boost productivity itself.

But, what are access points, and how are they helpful in managing a wireless network in your office?

Access points are network devices that work within a local area network or LAN to boost the signal and improve the range of the wifi signal coming from the main router. Instead of setting up multiple wifi routers, you can set up access points for smaller sections so that the load on the primary wireless network comes down.

Access points also support up to 40-50 devices to be simultaneously connected without any lag or delays in data transmission. By setting up Access points near crucial areas, you can also ensure that the connected devices in that area have exclusive stable internet connections.

Access point devices from leading companies such as Cisco Access points also provide enhanced network security options, bandwidth management, and many other management features for seamless operation.

Switch Link – Cisco Access Points

Cisco Access points come with advanced features for your network security, integration with IoT devices, and Wi-fi6 compatibility as well. By upgrading to a Cisco access point based network, you will be enjoying one of the fastest and most reliable wireless networks in the market today.

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