About Us.

Switch Link Computers Trading LLC has become synonymous for reliability cost effectiveness and above all peace of mind when it comes to choosing a solution partner.

It is not all about profit making but to create awareness about rapidly changing technologies, choosing the right product at right time and bridging business needs with optimal solutions.

We tailor systems to meet your fast paced and ever-changing requirements and provide you with a lower total cost of ownership. (TCO) and quick return of investment (ROI).

Mission Statment.


An idea or plan without the capacity for implementation has no value. Time is money, your money. We work efficiently And with purpose to create effective Processes and products that can be integrated into your strategic


Every successful business focuses on Excellence. We expect the highest level Of service for our clients and we expect Our clients to share this value in their Businesses. Our partnership with you is a reflection on us, and vice versa.


We encourage building relationships. When you interact with a member of Our staff, you will know their name, Personality, and thought process.

They will also know yours. All good and profitable business transactions are built On equitable and personable relationships. Our effectiveness lies in this core value.


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