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We provide wireless solutions with their legendary and latest Clean air Technologies.
Clean Air Technology offered by CISCO, HP & UBIQUITI: Clean Air technology uses silicon-level intelligence to create a self-healing, self-optimizing wireless Network that mitigates the effects of wireless interference. With an application-specific integrated Circuit (ASIC) based implementation of spectrum management, Clean Air can classify over 20 Different types of interferers within five to 30 seconds.

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The Internet network is a big part of our personal and professional life. Specifically, when it comes to professional settings, the reliance on secure, fast, and accessible internet network is too much. An essential piece of technology is the wireless access point. The wireless access point allows Wi-fi based devices to use a wired internet network. But, any wireless access point product won’t do much for your office. You need the best in the market and, that is the Cisco Access Point. But first, let us see what is an access point?

Access Point

Wikipedia will tell you that an access point is an integral point of the router that allows the device to access wireless internet connection. But an access point does much more than that. They guard your devices and filter the data from entering your system. In that case, choosing the product is not an easy decision.

Cisco Access Point

Cisco Access point is the most reliable and secure access point that you can ask for. Cisco Access point is your best choice for all your next-generation internet needs. The access point has to manage a lot of load from all the smart and IoT devices in your network with the best efficiency.

Cisco Access point has different products based on the size of your company and demand requirements.

Why Choose Cisco Access point?

  1. Cisco access points have access to a better performing network with a maximum data rate ranging from 450 Mbps to 9.6 Gbps.
  2. The products have future-ready mobility and prepare you for next-gen technology
  3. Cisco Access points hold the ability to stop encrypted data from entering your secure and private network.
  4. Cisco Access point products use smart technology to constantly manage the airwaves and optimize wi-fi performance for your communications network.
  5. You can use existing Cat5e and Cat 6 cables to get speeds up to 5Gbps and, that is a huge cost-saving for firms.

CISCO Access Point Dealers – Switch Link

Cisco Access point products need an experienced dealer to understand the needs of the customer and identify the right product according to that. Switch Link has an experienced staff and support team to provide the best and timely service to all its customers. You can expect us to handle all your wireless internet needs to be handled with the best care by us.