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Running a business is not just about taking care of your products and services. Employee management, technology management, and data management play a significant role in making sure smooth functioning.

So, why use a regular intercom or telephone connection to connect your employee network? Upgrade your technology to VoIP and enter a new world of communications. If you are using VoIP already, check out Cisco’s IP phone range to enjoy all the benefits of VoIP. Before we speak about Cisco IP Phones and our effectiveness as a cisco IP phone dealer, let us see what IP phones are.

IP Phones

IP phones are devices used to transmit data such as voice from one person to another using the ethernet connections. Unlike regular conventional telephones, they do not work using telephone cables but use the ethernet connection in your office to connect people in your network. Even though you can use regular telephones with an adaptor for VoIP, using IP phones carry clear advantages like :

  1. Simplified Video conferencing
  2. Low cost per call
  3. Voicemail Management and Forwarding
  4. You can move the service anywhere without complications
  5. Reliable and easy to use communication
  6. Easy scalability with business expansion

So, you know why IP phones are great, let us see why Cisco IP phones are the best in the business.

Cisco IP Phones

Cisco has been in the business of VoIP solutions since 1997. A market leader, Cisco has some of the best products for your business to have a safe, secure, and affordable communication system. WIth Cisco Ip phones, you can connect with your on-campus and remote workers with ease. Cisco Ip phone dealers work with your IT team to choose a product that is tailored to your business requirements. Cisco IP Phones are used in many Fortune 500 companies all over the world, so you know you are in the best company possible.

Cisco IP phones can be used in schools, industries, offices, and retail centers too.

Switch Link Cisco IP Phones Dealer

Switch Link is a reputed dealer in Dubai for all Cisco VoIP products. The company can help you choose the best service for you and help in installation as well. With Switch Link, you get a vendor who stays with you post the service too, and trains the team in adapting to new technologies.