We Provide security solutions using CISCO ASA, Fortinet & Sonic Wall with state of art configuration to address any security breach in the network.

We configure to make the solution to work at the best of its performance and ensure strong network.

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Cisco Firewall And Security Solutions

Internet Security is a much-discussed topic all around the world. With most of our valuable data moving online, it is time that we consider internet security solutions a necessity than a luxury. If you don’t want strangers from across the world lurking in your system and snooping your data out, it is time to invest in a secure, dependable, and customized security solution. Cisco has been leading in the market in firewall and security solutions for many years now. Switch Link is proud to be one of the most popular Cisco firewall dealers in Dubai and helps make the internet network safer for everyone.

Before we discuss the Cisco Firewall, let us see what a firewall is, and why do you need it?

Firewall and Security

The firewall does the work of a bodyguard or a bouncer for your internal and external communications network. It is a network security device that monitors and regulates all the incoming data to prevent any malicious attacks such as viruses and hacking attempts. Firewall checks all the data against some preset conditions allowing only the certified sources. You can also restrict the external devices from communicating and interacting with specific sections in your system.

Cisco Firewall

If you are looking for a firewall to protect the data in your office, your best choice is the Cisco Firewall. Cisco provides customized firewall solutions for small to large scale businesses. Some of the features of the Cisco Firewall are :

  1. Data blocking based on port, protocol, or state
  2. Next-generation Firewall with integrated intrusion protection, application awareness to detect threats, attack on evolved threats.
  3. The threat-focused next-generation firewalls quickly identify, evaluate, and disengage threats.
  4. Top-class security controls to actively sense new threats and formulate techniques to safeguard systems against them.

Switch Link – Cisco Firewall Dealer

Switch Link is an experienced and repeated Cisco firewall dealer. The experienced team at Switch Link helps you choose the best product suited for you from Cisco’s state of the art security solutions.

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